A stress-free, friendly and local cat-sitting service




Moggy Maid is a local, family-run business based in the Dronfield/Sheffield area that gives you the option of leaving your cats in the comfort of your own home whenever you go away. We manage a clientele of customers who regularly use our personal and friendly service.  At busy times Gail's husband David will pitch in to help  (usually the cleaning of the litter trays - what a hero) please note that David has been DBS checked along with me,  we are not franchised and do not employ anyone else.

Our main priority is ensuring you are happy and secure in the knowledge that someone is visiting your pets, making sure they are fed, while also checking up on your house regularly while you are away.

Your stress-free alternative to a cattery

Your cats stay in the comfort of their own home whilst we make a daily visit to care for them. We offer a fantastic, stress-free service for pet owners who seek an alternative to a cattery. We've seen more and more people using our pet-sitting service through recommendations from our happy customers.


1 daily check-in to feed and care for your pets; - no visits after 6pm
Milk Fresh bread and milk provided for your return, if required.
Medication Specialist needs are catered for i.e. medication of tablets/liquids, no injections given unfortunately
Saving Money An alternative to catteries whilst relieving your pets the stress of being moved from their home
365 Days 300+ days availability and no need to book months in advance, and no minimum number of days (I try to get a much deserved holiday around November for a month) 
Christmas NO EXTRA charges for peak holiday times, including Christmas and Bank Holidays.   

Cat High FiveMoggy Maid are proud supporters of the RSPCA Sheffield.




Gail Kitchen is the founder and manager of Moggy Maid, which has been growing successfully since 2006, and now supplies a recommended service to homes in Dronfield,Totley, Dore, Bradway and Norton.

Moggy Maid strives to be on hand to feed, love and provide everything your loved ones need so everyone can relax and enjoy time away from home.